I will Be your online friend on WhatsApp for £5

  • Be your online friend on WhatsApp
  • Be your online friend on WhatsApp
  • Be your online friend on WhatsApp
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Hi, Do you need a friend, who you can confide in and will never judge you or sell,  your secret. Someone you can talk about that dream or vision no one around is giving you listening ear, or perhaps someone you can discuss that relationship with that seems unstable and you not sure were it leading too, or maybe you alone, an introvert and you want to make new friends, 

Let's become friends and chat on WhatsApp

Am a good listener, open minded, and ever open to increasing my friends listener, i can also offer advices on

>Relationship advice: like how to spot red flags, relationship maintenance strategy, help you catch a cheating lover or partner, got some free ebooks  and resources on relationship to offer you too if you willing to read

>Self improvement advice like building your subconscious mind, emotional intelligence, power of attraction, we can discuss anything

> we can also play texting games like, emoji game, Truth or dare, to light up the chat room 

So if you wish to be friend   am open and super excitedly waiting

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