I will code A Smart Contract for your NFT Collection for £50

  • code A Smart Contract for your NFT Collection
  • code A Smart Contract for your NFT Collection
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Hi there and welcome to Our smart contract gig!

You want to start your NFT Collection, but you don't know how to setup your own smart contract for it? Well, that's exactly what We're here for!

We can develop the smart contract for your NFT collection so that people can start minting your NFTs.

What We Need From You:

Describe your NFT project in short,

1- Project Collection Name
2- Project Short Name  (for example " Collection Name: Bored Ape Yacht Club" "Short Name"BAYC"
3- Minting Price
4- Your Metadata CID (you can get this from Pinata once you upload your collection.

5- What blockchain do you want to install your smart contract on?

What I deliver:

An ERC721 compatible smart contract as a .sol file.

Instruction on how to install it on a Test-net and Main-net

Quality Work!

Thank you for choosing our service.

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Help You Deploy and Verify the Contract on the Main Net
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