I will proofread and amend up to 2000 words for £5

  • proofread and amend up to 2000 words
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I will go through your thesis, Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral, and make sure that:

  1. The facts that you mention in your Introduction are correct (will use references to learn about the topic and make sure you are correctly quoting the relevant work) & suggest papers to read in order to expand on it.
  2. Your descriptions of the work and method are in-depth and full of knowledge.
  3. Your methods and materials are clear and fit within the purview of your work.
  4. Your discussion touches on all relevant points. I will make suggestions of gaps you have left (relevant when taking your viva or oral examination) and how to address them.
  5. Your conclusion logically follows from your discussion and touches on the appropriate amount of details in your results.
  6. All sections are cohesive and tell a story that is of interest within your field.
  7. Style and format match those of your institution.
  8. Your overall work is clear and well-written to the standard a thesis is held to.

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