I will design professional book cover, ebook cover design for £5

  • design professional book cover, ebook cover design
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Are you looking for an awesome Book cover, create space or kindle? MAKE IT REAL!

You are at the right place

I GIVE extraordinary special attention to all my client's projects, I make them feel like only they matter.

You probably know how a good cover can make a difference between a bad and a great selling book.

What I need

Simply tell me the :



3)Authors name

4)Send me an image you like or I will use an appropriate image for your cover "if you don't have any".

Your awesome designs will be simple and very attractive, highly engaging, POP, and also look nice when printed. Trust me on this.

I will take my time and design you a cover that will stand out and really help you sell your books quickly.

For just 5£, I will design for you

100% professional and Unique ebook cover design

cover in JPEG or PNG

100% Guarantee Money Back If Unhappy.

Kindly send a message if you have any questions.

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