I will register a UK company for a non-resident for £50

  • register a UK company for a non-resident
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If you are not a UK resident and looking for Company registration in the UK I can help you. 

I am based in the UK, unlike all other sellers here, and have helped over 100 non-UK clients successfully register a Company in the UK. This includes clients from China, India, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. 

How does this work?

  • I will send you a simple set-up form, which you must complete and send back to me. 
  • I will then work with the UK Government to register your Company and set up the London Registered Address. 
  • The UK Government will then approve the Company, usually in 24-48 hours, and send the official company documents. 
  • I will send you the Company details, the Incorporation Certificate, and Share Allocation as the Delivery. 

What can you expect? 

  • To obtain a fully functioning UK Company that is eligible for Amazon, Stripe, PayPal, and UK Bank Accounts. 
  • A professional London Business Address that will enhance your brand. All mail received will be scanned and send to your email.

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