I will find security vulnerabilities on your website for £100

  • find security vulnerabilities on your website
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Protect your online business by testing your website to discover and fix all the security vulnerabilities before cybercriminals exploit them!

I will conduct a complete security review of your website (with or without authentication).

In my report I will conduct a thorough review and cover the following topics:

1. Web Application vulnerabilities (SQLi, XSS, CSRF, unpatched software libraries, etc.).

2. Open ports on your hosting server.

3. Exposed Credentials for your domain across the dark web.

4. Email security issues that affect your email deliverability.

5. SSL Certificate security issues (detect misconfigurations).

6. Exposed subdomains (review your attack surface).

7. IP address information and malware infections on your website.

8. Domain name information and security issues (domain expiry date, name servers, etc.).

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