I will create nft crypto art for £50

  • create nft crypto art
  • create nft crypto art
  • create nft crypto art
  • create nft crypto art
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NFT art, Crypto art, it's HOT.

You need art.

I can deliver this art, and have it minted in my name.

I can transfer the minted NFT to you.

I can make you still images in ANY style. But again, I don't draw animations.

You need to mint the artwork yourself, and I will show you how, we can agree on a price where I transfer FULL rights to you and you can upload the art as it were your own. I'm open to discuss.

I love comics and pop culture, movies from the eighties and horror, but I can draw whatever you want me to draw! 

I've created personal erotic portraits in Sin City style, and Biblical family portraits. I'm open to almost anything.

In your first request, let me know what styles you prefer. I can draw hyperrealistic such as superhero comic books, or cartoony like South Park. I can make dark and moody or light and poppy.

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*includes the price of the gig