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Creating a range of product descriptions that attract customers can be tricky. There’s a lot of info you want to get out there, but only a few lines of text in which to do it. You also have to ensure that your writing is persuasive and readable. The solution is to hire professional copywriters like ourselves to do the work for you.


When you hire us, you'll get creative and attractive product descriptions that include all of the most essential information relevant to your service or product. We will write all text in the style best suited to your brand, and SEO keywords can always be included by request. One description includes approximately 80 - 100 words of text and one SEO keyword.


Working with us, you can be sure of receiving the following:

  • a unique, high-quality text
  • 100% well-researched content
  • a professional and punctual service


All I need from you is: Either a link to your existing product page OR an image of your item + key details. (If there are any keywords you want to be included in your description, please provide them when placing your order.) 



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