I will calculate your Astrology birth Chart and report for £10

  • calculate your Astrology birth Chart and report
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I will calculate your Birth Chart based on the information you provide, which will show where the planets were at the time and date of your birth. It will be the equal house system that is used and will show you houses and signs, as well as a table of aspects.

NOTE: This is for the chart only, without any report.  (If you want report as well buy this service again for report)

This can be bought for yourself or as a gift for someone else - birthdays, anniversaries, births, etc.  

  • Printable
  • Accuracy 100%
  • Full report

Details I Need To Calculate Your Chart:

1) Birth Date - day, month, year

2) birth time - am or pm

3) place of birth

4) full name of person this is for

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