I will upload android app on google play store for £5

  • upload android app on google play store
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I will upload your Android app to the play store. I am using a client account for it.

If you require my account to post the Android app to the play store then there are additional charges.

To publish your application you have to provide us this information -

  • Name of App
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • ScreenShots (Minimum 2, Maximum 8)
  • Icon   (size 512 W * 512 H )
  • Banner (size 1024 W * 500 H)
  • Category Name
  • Release Apk (signed apk)
  • Privacy Policy (If it is there)
  • Email Id (if available)
  • Contains ADD (YES OR NO)
  • Targeting Audience 0-18+

I will only upload the application and will not responsible for rejection or suspension of the app or developer account because these issues occur when the application is not following the rules defined by Google.

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