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  • do the best SEO audit
  • do the best SEO audit
  • do the best SEO audit
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SEO audit is a complete analysis of all the factors that affect search engine indexation, rankings, user experiences, or visibility in search engines. So, we will run an SEO audit and quickly reveal every issue on your site.

It will check website technical issues such as broken links and images, duplicate content, poor mobile usability, site speed, redirect chains, internal linking problems, heavy pages and scripts, W3C validation errors, thin content, and more.

So, this standard method gives a complete insight into any website, overall traffic & individual pages. If your site is up and running and you are still not getting the business results you expected or ready to improve its search engine visibility, then a website audit is a good starting point. An audit will provide the answers even if you already work on SEO and still do not satisfy the result.

In our report, you can see the list of errors, and for every mistake, you'll get a list of pages it affects, along with simple how-to-fix instructions.

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