I will provide professional voice over of 25 words for £5

  • provide professional voice over of 25 words
  • provide professional voice over of 25 words
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Professional voiceover artist. Originally from Oxford, I have a British Neutral RP accent and my voice is best described as rich, warm and engaging, with a playing age of 18-35. Due to my training in musical theatre I am comfortable with many regional and international accents, including General American, Welsh and Scottish.


I received top coaching with Notable Voices in 'Voice' and 'Production'. I am both happy to travel for jobs as well as work from my professional home studio, which is fully equipped to provide the highest standard of work.

Having previously trained as an actor I have a unique ability to analyse scripts, quickly and confidently. This leaves me completely free to make character choices in the moment whilst simultaneously bringing your words to life.

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