I will Provide Google Analytics and Google Search Console Service for £5

  • Provide Google Analytics and Google Search Console Service
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I will create a google analytics account, set up goals for conversion tracking, event tracking, and web analysis, and integrated google analytics with your website.

You can understand and monitor your visitors in real-time.

You will get the integration of the Google search console with google analytics.

Why Google Analytics is important?

Google Analytics is a great way of monitoring your visitors or customers.

Google Analytics is very helpful in:

  • Measure customer engagement with a site or app
  • Optimize a site or app experience
  • Measure data across multiple devices or platforms
  • Optimize the advertising cost
  • Increase the conversions
  • Measure content monetization
  • Analyze online sales
  • Measure app installs
  • Measure lead generation
  • Plan your strategy with the help of all data from google analytics.

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