I will create GIF or JSON Lottie animation for mobile and web for £50

  • create GIF or JSON Lottie animation for mobile and web
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Expected delivery 8 days

I am Presenting my new Service that is  "Lottie Animation (JSON) For Apps and Web"

Why it is Used

  • You will provide me your logo, icon or loading bar, or vector file and I will animate it and provide you JSON file which you can use for start screen animation
  • Provide me the Vector File and (also any sample that you have) Rest I will animate it and provide you a JSON file
  • Not Only logo but also other vector files like the icons etc can also be animated

What You Will Get :

  • I will provide Splash Screen Animation in the form of JSON File
  • You can also get the Video of the Animation
  • If You want the GIF, please message me First

There is much more and discuss 

What Things you can get

  • Spinners and Loading Bars
  • Logo Splash Animations
  • Icons Loading and Reveal
  • Vector Animated Illustrations
  • Landing Pages Illustrations
  • Fast to Load and responsive
  • Used on Web and Mobile


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Create Animation of Small Element ,Icon, button or loader
plus 8 days
Splash Screen Animation of Logo and Medium Vector Art Animation
plus 8 days
Lottie Animation of a Big Vector or landing page illustration
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*includes the price of the gig