I will beta read your fantasy novel up to 17000 words for £20

  • beta read your fantasy novel up to 17000 words
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Working on a novel or short story? Need an external opinion? Hiring a beta reader is the best option if you're planning on sending your manuscript into this cutthroat market. Friends and family will likely tell you how amazing you are, and not how amazing your work is. Instead, you need someone unbiased, who can tell you in an objective manner if what you wrote is working or not. I work mainly with fantasy fiction but will also work with other genres.
I'll check for:

  • Structure Errors
  • Character Flaws
  • Plot Holes
  • Text Flow and Readability
  • Pacing
  • Dialogue
  • Show vs Tell
  • Outstanding parts

I will consider grammar, whenever it interferes with the understanding of the sentence. When that happens, I'll give you advice on how to change it. My critique will be very objective, and I will send you written feedback on your manuscript. 

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