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Is your WordPress site running slow? Did you know that speed of your website directly affects search engine rankings? Faster websites have better search engine positions.

What's included in the gig:

  • Reducing TTFB (time to first byte) by enabling page caching
  • Minifying and combining CSS and JavaScript
  • Setting expiry headers
  • Enabling Gzip compression
  • Optimizing all images without quality loss
  • Scaling and resizing oversized images
  • Upgrading PHP version to 7.X (ensuring compatibility included)
  • Enabling CloudFlare or similar CDN (Content Delivery Network) for your website to enhance response time for static content

Some of the above options require installation of a plugin. On VPS and dedicated servers some additional packages might need to be installed in order to get best performance.

Full report of installed plugins and additional packages on the server will be provided.

Design and functionality of your website will not be affected.

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