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The only way your competitors are having traffic from Google is simply by ranking on the 1st page of Google for keywords which your customers are searching for!

SEO keywords are these phrases and key words in your website content that make it possible for people to find your website via Google and the other search engines.

You need to know how people are looking for the services, products or the information that your website offers to make it easy for them to find you. Doing a key word research is the first and most important step in any S.E.O. campaign.

65% of website owners keywords for there websites are set up incorrectly and wrong! They are part of them blue titles you see when you search for something on the engine, and it usually gives you about 10 listings. If your keywords are set wrong, no visits no rankings no search engines. I am a search term SPECIALIST!I am using Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

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