I will provide a detailed accessibility report for your website for £10

  • provide a detailed accessibility report for your website
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Many websites look beautiful nowadays, but they aren't all available to all of your potential customers.


Well, as a primarily visual experience, website designers have focused on providing users with a beautiful visual experience. Take a look sometime at the page transitions, fast-moving background videos and colour changes when you put your mouse cursor over a specific word or graphic. People who have reasonable eyesight with no visual difficulties can get a lot of enjoyment from this. Unfortunately those who are blind, colour blind, or who need a high contrast between words and the background they're on for instance, may not be able to use a website that doesn't cater for their visual perception.

For non-disabled people it can be hard to put yourself in their place, but believe me, it's incredibly frustrating to  see an item I want to buy, but not be able to see the price because it's laid over an image and the colours merge into a muddy blob!

The report I produce for you will highlight any barriers your potential clients face when trying to use your website.

The report will cover 5 specific pages, of your choice.

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