I will construct DAPP game on Tron and iost blockchain network for £50

  • construct DAPP game on Tron and iost blockchain network
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Hello , 

I will build Game DApps based on TRON, EOS blockchain technology that allows users the ability to earn money online by playing games. 

Features Of Game Development includes:-

1.Blockchain: The blockchain will be a great solution to current problems with gamification. You can streamline transactions with the aid of allowing your users to have a proper digital asset with seamless integration of builders and players.

2. Smart Contract: Smart contracts provide transparency to Role-playing games (RPG) and the gambling industry for checking the winning rates for the dealer, which is not possible in a centralized server. 

 3.Ownership Of Assets: In-game assets, such as swords and skins, will be coded into non-fungible tokens that are completely unique and similar to real-world resources. Players can buy and sell these assets. 

 4. Optimized Blockchain: Our proposed gaming architecture will use the distributed ledger for reduction of block validation processing time.


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