I will Write unique 500 word SEO friendly blog article for £5

  • Write unique 500 word SEO friendly blog article
  • Write unique 500 word SEO friendly blog article
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About This Service: 

Blog posts and online articles are gaining popularity. Search engines such as Google, Bing and SEOMoz are encouraging quality content to be added both to your website and other websites which may have links to your website. Updating text, posting articles on other blog sites and optimising text on your website is the key to getting higher search engine results.

I produce effective scripts which are comprised of productive keywords in compliance with the SEO standards. I make sure that the keywords are imperceptibly merged with the script and are kept within an appropriate quantitative percentage. The sublimation adds to the reliability of the script.

I'm offering you my services of writing a quality article on any topic.

All articles are:

• 500 words+ of totally unique, non-spun content

• Written to an excellent standard of English

• SEO optimised, to include (a sensible use of) keywords (if given) from client

• Interesting/engaging and written to the subject matter of the site being linked to

• Proofread before being sent out

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