I will setup and configure your website on Cloudflare for £10

  • setup and configure your website on Cloudflare
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Hi, as you probably already know, Cloudflare is a popular platform that can speed up, protect & enhance your website to the next level. But this can only be achieved with properly done configuration.

So here I'm offering my services to help you out to get things done with Cloudflare.

This gig is for a single task per web domain among these popular security & enhancement tasks that can be accomplished using Cloudflare. If you would like to combine more than 1 task, please add them in the extras.

  1. Setup & Configure/Fix Cloudflare SSL for your website.
  2. Setup & Configure Country/Geo blocking features for your website.
  3. Setup & Configure Caching rules and speed up features.
  4. Setup & Configure Firewall rules for certain urls/queries.
  5. Quickly add your website on Cloudflare and protect it on "I'm Under Attack" mode.
  6. Setup & Configure known bad IP address from touching your website.
  7. Setup & Configure anything related to Cloudflare DNS system (for email, CNAME, subdomain, etc)
  8. Register a cloudflare account and get your domain pointed to them.
  9. Any other tasks that I did not mentioned above. Please contact me before hand.

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