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Need any music reviewed? I am able to do that for you!

I will listen to the music you give me and send you a formal Google Doc* with an extremely thorough review. This will contain feedback, my commentary, and how I think you can improve the song. This music can be anything you produced, sang, played, or even just something you'd like any input on. 

*If you have a specific document you'd like me to fill out instead of the Google Doc I usually provide, I will be happy to fill that out for you.

Why me?

I have played the trumpet for five years, and have therefore taken several band classes, where I learned and studied many different aspects of music, including key elements, such as syncopation and rhythm. This means that I will be able to provide a knowledgeable review of all of the elements of the song you provide for me.

Please be sure to either send me a link to the song or tell me the title and where I can find it. The platforms I am able to access are:





NOTE: all songs must be under ten (10) minutes. However, there is no requirement for the minimum length of the song.

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*includes the price of the gig