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I am Rebecca Thomas – a freelance writer and content specialist.


Words are my passion, they are what keep the world going and set everything into motion. Without them, where would we be? I combine my love and dedication to writing, with the power of social media (don’t you just love the modern world?) Words help you to engage with your audience; be that through a witty Tweet, or through a campaign E-mail. Words are not only the face of your business, company, or campaign, but they are your identity. 


I am best known for my pieces on mental health – I like to really get into a deep piece of writing. However, I have previous experience with an independent media company, who gave me the opportunity to widen my horizons and try my hand at more entertaining content. Along with this, I have a broad understanding of the English Language, thanks to not only being a native speaker but also having a degree in English Language and Communications. 


Personally, I feel that dedication is key. 


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