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Hey, Timiex here.

I am a web designer for e-commerce websites. Here to give your store a professional branded look and increase your sales.

I have been blessed to design for some high profile clients. One being the famous clothing brand FurGod, whose clothes are worn by Floyd Mayweather, Megan Trainor and other celebs.

The design of a store can make or break it.

Get it right and your store will have;

- Increased sales 
- A beautiful, sleek & professional feel 
- Trustworthiness 
- Happy customer experience 
- Repeat customers

That's where I come in.

With over 3+ years of experience designing Shopify stores and a prior 5 years experience in design, I know what is needed for a store to convert.

- Sleek, professional design 
- Fast loading speeds on all pages 
- Social proof 
- Phycological triggers 
- A store that's easy to navigate 
- Interactive pages that sell

Do you have a project that needs the above? Let's have a chat.

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