I will test your website from a to z for £5

  • test your website from a to z
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I am a Freelance programmer, and computer geek who is looking to expand his horizons, learning every day something new.

I can verify your website, android application or software and thus achieve any problems they may have.

I will review everything you need from your website from different perspectives:

User perspective:

  • I will tell you my first impressions of your site or application
  • I will tell you my impressions using it for a period of time
  • I will list the best 5 things and worst 5 things of your website/app
  • I will list my recommendations to you.

Advanced User Perspective:

  • I will do an Extensive error test on your website/app/software looking for anything that goes beyond normal.

What You Will Get?

  • A Word/PDF document with your error results (design, functionality, bugs, vulnerabilities, etc.) with images showing the problems. It will also include suggestions and examples.
  • An optional video with any result that might be hard to explain on paper.
  • A PDF file with quick automated SEO testing. (In case u need it.) 

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