I will do persuasive sales email copyrighting for email marketing for £5

  • do persuasive sales email copyrighting for email marketing
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Email marketing is a powerful tool that many people do not know how to use properly. Thanks to my experience, I can say that having a list of emails and a customer database is the most important asset of any company/brand.
The correct way to do email marketing is PROVIDING VALUE to your customers, sending valuable information. The next step is to promote your product/service, which people will be happy to buy.
This is the way to make a profitable email marketing campaign, since no matter if you have a database of 1,000,000 people, if you do not provide value and valuable information, you will not have good conversions.
What do you get ?
  • A 100-250 word persuasive email with a headline that will make people CLICK instantly.
  • A call to action designed for conversions
  • Generous support
  • A friendly reading style that will make the reader read until the end

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A single email to profile and nurture your leads and to promote your product.
plus 8 days
Three high conversion emails to educate and profile your prospect.
plus 8 days
Six high conversion emails to profile, qualify and educate your prospects to purchase your products.
plus 8 days
*includes the price of the gig