I will manage or post on your facebook, instagram or twitter for £5

  • manage or post on your facebook, instagram  or twitter
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I will post (at least 2 posts for 4 days) on your Facebook (business)  page, Instagram or Twitter to increase brand awareness by keeping your followers up to date.


I will take care of your page when you're really busy so you don’t have to worry about it :) you will still have access to your Facebook (Business) Page, Instagram or Twitter so you can add posts and updates when you have the chance.


I will post engaging updates on your social media account, including links back to your website, photos etc. All I need is your log-in details or make me an admin/editor of the page & I can do the rest.


I will manage your facebook page, instagram or twitter for 4 days for £5

You can also order multiple times to increase the posting days, if you order 8 times (40£) then I’ll be your social media manager for 32 days.


Note: If you want me to manage all 3 (facebook, instagram & twitter) then please don’t forget to order 3 times.

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