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The legal jurisprudence is broad and rich in both substantive and procedural laws. From case laws to statute laws, from legislative laws to administrative laws birthed by quasi-judicial bodies.

Researching and analyzing this intricate web of study isn’t for the faint at heart. To the novice in legal matters, these jargons are sufficient to induce a reality check with their esteem and ego on the line! But for yours truly, this body of research is her playground. To say I tap dance to work every day is a gross understatement.

I will provide specialized research services in the following provinces:

* Contract, Bankruptcy & Commercial Securities, Jurisprudence, labor & employment law

* Insurance Law, Torts, Criminal law, Consumer Protection law

* Legal Systems & Legal Methods, Criminology & Penology, Evidence law.

I am also very versatile and adapted to providing tailor-made services in any area not mentioned above. Without much ado, put me to the test. The proof is in the pudding!

Based on my in-depth experience, a trial will suffice.

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