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Napster Streams for Your Music

Napster music online services is great to get your song noticed, Napster is a very old brand, many people in the middle class age would know how they started with their website, it was not all legal in that time, however they learned their lesson and turns out to be one of the biggest music online services providers around.

We are offering Napster streams for your music. Want to have people listening to your music? Now is the time to get some streams for your music. Millions of songs, but you will stand out of the crowd..

What you get in basic service?
2500 Worldwide Streams

(If you need country targeted contact us first, available countries USA, France and Canada)

What do we need from you?
1 Url to your music track

Add extras to have more
*Want to split them? Each song minimum 500 streams and maximum split is 5. (see extras)

We have many other services like TikTok, such as Deezer, Mixcloud, SoundCloud etc. Contact us!


Service is available as a monthly subscription; optional at checkout.

See what else you can add to your order

Split between album
plus 1 day
Add 1000 Streams
plus 2 days
Add 2000 Streams
plus 3 days
Add 5000 Streams - Price Breaker -
plus 8 days
*includes the price of the gig