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Thank you for discovering my service for Audio and Video Transcription. 


I provide transcription services for:

Podcasts - Lectures - Live sessions (stenography) - Interviews - Webinars - Zoom & Skype recordings - Calls - Personal notes.

I can produce High-quality transcription.

My All Packages Include Free:


  • Proofreading (including spellings check + no repetitive words or sentences)
  • Clean verbatim (no shutters um, uh, etc.)
  • Time stamps for unclear words in format [unintelligible hh:mm:ss] and inaudible words in [inaudible hh:mm:ss]
  • Easy to read short paragraphs
  • Speakers identification
  • Unlimited revisions till you are satisfied.


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HIGH QUALITY TRANSCRIPTION of up to 10 minutes audio or video in less than 24 HOURS.
plus 8 days
QUALITY TRANSCRIPTION of 25 mins in 24 HOURS. Professional formatting and speaker identification.
plus 8 days
AMAZING QUALITY TRANSCRIPTION of 60 mins in 24 HOURS with Professional formatting.
plus 8 days
*includes the price of the gig