I will say anything you want as funny character, Omegle Pete for £20

  • say anything you want as funny character, Omegle Pete
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You can have the ski mask wearing internet legend, Omegle Pete say ANYTHING you want in a video! 

Who is Omegle Pete? Omegle Pete is an internet legend who wears a ski mask, suspenders and a tie that goes on Omegle and talks to strangers! He is a misunderstood guy who just wants to make friends! You can Google him to learn more about him!


Want him to give you a shout out? How about ask your friend out on a date?

Prank your friends, mom, dad or teachers! Whatever you can come up with, he will say and do! Its all up to your imagination! 

You can use this video to promote your website,business or product or Say Any message to anyone. SO ORDER NOW! :D Hope you have a wonderful day :) If you want more , contact me.


  • £20 for 120 words and up to a 1:00 video
  • You provide the script of up to 120 words
  • No inappropriate or illegal activities will be done
  • video will be in 1080p

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