I will share your video manually to the best top 25 big social Pages for £5

  • share your video manually  to the  best  top 25 big social Pages
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We will build high authority embeded contextual backlinks  by  sharing  your video MANUALLY  to the  best  TOP 25 BIG social Pages, Groups, communities ,Temblr,wordpress,Blogger,Livejournal,l Pinterest, ,VKontakt, Reddit, LinkedIn, ok.ru.pearltrees.Mix,hi5 ,tagged,etc  and more! 

*Our service is  100% safe and natural organic backlinks *All those high quality backlinks from high authority sources will help *In the long run with time so to get  to the top first page rankings ,

for your YouTube video also improving its overall SEO score.

*we can run this  service as many times as you  need to rank your video higher and  to get your video at number 1 in Google / YouTube.! 

*Please also note that we cannot guarantee  anything ,we share and promote your link only !!!!

*We make no promises of that and you understand this when ordering. 

*Note: The posts we create on the Groups + Pages are permanent and also count as social signals 


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HQ 100 Wiki +200 dofollow +50 edu Backlinks
plus 15 days
200 Blog/image/other comments Backlinks
plus 15 days
do this another time = total 2 times promotion
plus 11 days
add 1000 views + 100 likes +10 comments +10 subscribers
plus 15 days
*includes the price of the gig