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We are Total Global Tech,


We specialise in Website Design, Shopify Design and Social Media Management.



Do you need a website or just want to freshen things up ?

Well you are at the right place, website building is a time consuming task and very expensive with some people charging £80-£130 per hour (how are they getting away with those prices)


We don't charge anything like that we have a set price, contact us to find out more.


If you found us on fivesquid please let us know and you will then get a website design for £10


Please give as much detail as you can regarding your business so we can storyboard your idea and give you a quote.


*Please note that payment is only released to us by fivesquid once you are 100% happy with your order and it is marked as completed./


*Please note price of £10 is for website design and does not include hosting or domain name for info on these please message us. 




Place your order now so we can get started
*includes the price of the gig