I will do series of mock job interviews for £5

  • do series of mock job interviews
  • do series of mock job interviews
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We do a series of mock interviews in the progressive type of format. That means you will be asked a lot of questions, including tough and tricky ones. We have deep expertise in the industry-specific type of questions as well. One of the interview question types that is becoming extremely popular among top finance, consultancy & tech companies is the logical questions + stress test & independent thinking question probes.

We cover the following interview formats:

  • Behavioral questions
  • Competency-based questions
  • Case question
  • Opinion questions

We will prepare you for the hardest type of questions & equip you with the right fit of answers. Series of mock interviews are extremely effective in helping candidates getting prepared, gain confidence and make a laser-focused sales pitch that they remember at any point in time. We helped clients secure a job in such companies as Google, AWS, IBM as well as consulting, startup & finance.

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