I will proofread and edit writing of any kind for £5

  • proofread and edit writing of any kind
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I am super fast and efficient!  


Sometimes you can miss the simplest writing errors.


Creatives, writers, and artists can get a bit one-track minded when we start flowing. It is an issue that no one is free from (the error above was deliberate to get your attention).


I have vast experience as a published poet, author, and wordsmith and have a big belief that silly grammatical or linguistic errors should not hold any budding writer back.


I will proofread and edit any form of writing (standard service is up to 1000 words) and ensure that it is laid out in the best way that it can be. I will then return the original document, alongside the edited version and track any changes to ensure you are fully aware of what I have altered.


Every 500 words of editing is an extra service. 


I am happy just to edit the grammar, but much prefer being able to offer a full service. This would include rewording and/or restructuring, to ensure that the power of your words are as strong and engaging as they can be.


I can proofread your document in many English variants

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