I will do business card and stationery design for £5

  • do business card and stationery design
  • do business card and stationery design
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It's time to complete your brand identity!

It's the first means of communication with your target audience. The business card makes you known, the letterhead turns you into a professional and the envelope completes the circle.Other materials could include: folder, e-mail signature, badges, notes, planning, bookmarks, calendars, cards etc.
Simple, clear and clean are the strengths for each brand identity.
1. Simple: you have to use the right graphics for all the information to arrive.2. Clear: you have to understand who you are and what is your business, you must identify yourself!3. Clean: only the necessary, why add something that might not serve?
Every customer has their own needs.

I'm sure if you've arrived here, you already have a lot of ideas. I'm curious to meet you, to know your world and your business. Together we will do a great job and it would be my pleasure to create something that you love too!

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