I will Do Photoshop Highend Portrait Retouch for £5

  • Do Photoshop Highend Portrait Retouch
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High-End Photoshop Portrait Retouch

My Services:

  • 24hr Delivery
  • High-End Beauty & Glamour Portrait Retouch
  • Commercial Use

Portrait Retouching Step:

  • Crop, Resize, Lens correction
  • Advanced color correction in photoshop and lightroom 
  • Hair clean, cut, add & color
  • Clean skin ( use clone stamp tool with the highest zoom for non-destructive natural skin) 
  • Skin tone matching 
  • Dodge & Burn with advanced technique 
  • Realistic Makeup 
  • Eye & Eyebrow beautifying
  • Lips & Teeth correction 
  • Refine
  • Simple Reshaping  

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