I will backup, clone, migrate or transfer wordpress website for £5

  • backup, clone, migrate or transfer wordpress website
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Clone / Migrate / Transfer WordPress Website + Full Web Backup
Supported Tasks:


  • Transfer WordPress Site To New Hosting
  • Move WP Website to New Domain
  • Clone WP Site to New Domain
  • Clone WordPress Website in New Hosting
  • Site Backup
  • Any other related task as per your requirement.

Required Things:This depends upon task requirement but mainly following things are required.



  • WordPress / Cpanel Logins
  • Domain Registrar Logins



  • Delivered As Soon As Possible.
  • After delivery support available.
  • No Extra Downtime (except DNS Propagation)
  • No Bug / Issues during or after services.

Extra Tasks:

  • CloudFlare SSL Installation in 5 quid.
  • WordPress Website Backup (in Standard & Premium Package)
  • Free Basic Speed Optimization / Bugs Fixing etc.

If you have any questions, please contact before ordering.

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