I will compose music in the style you like for £5

  • compose music in the style you like
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Expected delivery 2 days

Sound clips: https://youtu.be/uuPHX_7BHnM

With 15 years of experience in composition, I will compose music for you: Pop, Trap, blues, EDM, jazz..etc

I commit to: 

- Deliver professional rendering: mixed and mastered.

- Create this music in mp3 + wav + flac formats . it's free;)

- Deliver pretty music for up to 30 seconds.

- Deliver this music in two days.

- Modify only once if you don't like something.

Again, please follow the youtube link at the beginning of the description to listen to the excerpts . Also, take into account that my artistic palette is wider than what  you will be listening to on this excerpt.

See you soon:)

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