I will Restore, Repair, Fix Damaged Photo, Image Restore for £5

  • Restore, Repair, Fix Damaged Photo, Image Restore
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Professional Photo Restorations at Affordable Prices!

Please follow these guidelines::

Send the best resolution available, scan at least 300 DPI

I can fix most issues that occur with the photograph, yet the original needs to have been of good quality before aging damage. If the original itself suffers from sever blurriness, graininess (taken in low light condition), severe lack of detail, bad scans/resolution, thumbnails from internet - then good quality cannot be expected.

Images from newspaper can not be properly edited (due to the print dots pattern)

Large prints require good original resolution, this does not mean artificially pumped up resolution created in image software.

Do not let this disclaimer concern you. I am your friendly retoucher, eager to help, and have an excellent track record. I look forward to working with you.

So send me please your pictures and let me work


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