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Hi, welcome to my service here on fivesquid.com. My name is Tessy and am here to write sales email for your local businesses. When it comes to email marketing, Copy quality is what determines whether your campaign succeeds or fail.


Please don't panic; am here to help


Are you in need of engaging email copies that converts? Then you are in the Right Place.


I've had huge success over the years using strategies I've learned through a number of professional sales development courses and training seminars. These are proven sales methodologies that I have found to have high conversion rates, and are very effective via email marketing and cold calling.


I think that this is a great opportunity for me to share what I've learned to help you grow your business by developing a strong email marketing plan. 


I can help you:

* Write compelling emails that will help you sell your product

* Positioning your product in a way that encourages questions.


Every email campaign I write is unique and I take the time to understand both your company and your target demographic. I know exactly how your target interact with your email and what is needed for them be noticed.




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