I will convert excel spreadsheet to google sheets for £50

  • convert excel spreadsheet to google sheets
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****Gig only covers simple excel spreadsheets. Please contact me for a custom offer to convert complex Excel models with scripts & macros.*****

I will migrate excel spreadsheet data model to Google sheets. 

The resulting Google sheet will retain all the excel features and functionality. I will ensure that the resulting spreadsheet works same as the original excel file. Only difference is that your data will be live online and will be available on the go.

Excel spreadsheet features such as formatting, formulas, tables, charts, pivot tables, scripts and macros will all remain same as before.

I can also create a fully customized spreadsheet from scratch. I can also do any other automation or functionality on request.

Some benefits of using Google sheets:

  • It's free! Free to use as opposed to MS Excel.
  • Your spreadsheet model will be available online at all times.
  • It can be edited / update in real time
  • Multiple people can edit or update at the same time
  • Automatically saves all data so there's zero risk of losing your data
  • Full audit trail of edits

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