I will Give 35 adsence safe clicks for £5

  • Give 35 adsence safe clicks
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Expected delivery 7 days

we Offer:

35 high CPC Clicks.

All the clicks are from USA.

The clicks are from real visitors that means:

(The Clicks are 100% safe on your account - each click from Unique IP address).

The minimum time that the visitor spend on your site = 1 min.

The clicks are divided on 5 days (7 click/day)

Exclusive: All other gigs, buyers deliver the order before sending all the clicks.

But with this gig, I won't click on deliver the order before all 350 clicks are delivered.


# Before purchasing:

    Make sure that you have Traffic.

    Don't order any other similar gig(Clicks or traffic) from another buyer during ordering my gigs to get accurate results.


Don't hesitate to contact me for 2 clicks as a sample for free. 

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