I will Create 5 Stylish QR Codes for £5

  • Create 5 Stylish QR Codes
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5 stylish QR codes with your logo/name at the center.


  • It attracts people.
  • Can be scanned using mobile phones.
  • Taking the people to your web address easily.
  • They no need to type the web address, search, find. 
  • 100% working with 100% accuracy.

Can be included:

  1. Ebay link of your product
  2. Website address
  3. Facebook page link (also twitter, Social Media etc.)
  4. SMS message (takes them to send the SMS)
  5. Phone number

or any text.

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create 10 qr code
plus 2 days
create 15 qr code in different unique style
plus 2 days
create 30 qr code
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I will deliver this order in 1 day
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