I will support and help people who want to go vegan for £5

  • support and help people who want to go vegan
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Hi, my name is Moha and I'm a vegan. I am really interested in veganism and in helping other vegans, so I am going to devote myself to help any new vegan to give them advice and some recipes for beginners. Thus, my help will include, vegan recipes, mental support, and direct contact about anything related to veganism. 


In conclusion:  my service will provide you ( Weekly plan: you just need to pay  £5  and this will include: mental support by chatting, create special vegan recipes for you, prepare  weekly grocery list, and any other question about veganism)


  Attention: " My service is based on my support for other people who want to start the veganism journey" So I just want us to be clear that I am going to do my best based on my experiences as a vegan.

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