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  • write persuasive copy for your sales letter email
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Sales letters are created to build new relationships with customers.

Additionally, sales letters are created to have joint ventures with businesses aligned to yours.

This enables you to have growth in your business and reach a new pool of customers.


Hi, my name is Keira and I work in marketing,  providing copywriting, SEO and done for you sales funnels to entrepreneurs and small business owners in a variety of different industries.


This service is all about copywriting and creating for you a sales letter that speaks to your target market. Showing your target market through engaging writing, tells them exactly:

- what you are offering them 

- why they need the offer you are providing

- how it will transform their lives

If you require any specific keywords for SEO purposes and competitor research, I am able to do this for you with the tools I have at my disposal. 

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