I will write 3 cat blurbs for your pet shelter for £5

  • write 3 cat blurbs for your pet shelter
  • write 3 cat blurbs for your pet shelter
  • write 3 cat blurbs for your pet shelter
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Your pet shelter is trying hard to find forever homes for all the animals in it, from kittens/puppies to the elderly feline/canine citizens, including special needs cats and dogs, but how do you write a short, yet compelling description/blurb that truly shows their purrsonalities? How do you convince people that the often overlooked senior or special needs pets can be purrfect for those who don't have the energy to chase kittens around, and that the shy kitty in the corner will never stop purring once they find their forever lap?

I can help you with that! I grew up surrounded by cats (doesn't stop me from loving dogs, or birds!), always adopted, never bought, and I can write blurbs that will reflect unique personality of each fur baby, while also giving all the necessary information like their health, needs, whether they tolerate (or even enjoy) others, and all the other info you supply me with!

What do I need from you?

All the information you can send me about up to 3 cats (or dogs, birds...).

What will you get?

3 compelling, irresistible blurbs that will make people want to adopt their new furry companions, and hug them forever!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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