I will create an SEO strategy that you can implement for £20

  • create an SEO strategy that you can implement
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I will create a strategic SEO plan that can help you drive traffic to your business online. The job will include but not limited to:

The rules: I will outline the rules you must adhere to have a good and profitable SEO campaign.

The plan: This includes setting key strategic objectives to serve as the main focus of the SEO campaign. It also includes identifying the channels of communication, strategic keyword terms (keyword planning), and how to identify the Key performance indicators (KPI)to help you know how to identify if your campaign is working well and achieving your objectives. In addition, it includes doing a target customer research (buyer persona analysis) to help you know the exact people to target in your SEO campaign and how to reach them. 

The plan also outlines how to do an SEO campaign, what to look out for to see their performance and how to reflect on this performance data to enhance your strategy.

Here’s the best part, I will be here to walk you through it all and guide you as you carry out your SEO campaign. in the implementation of your plan.

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I will analyse your website traffic or ad data and give a report on your SEO campaign
plus 5 days
I will set up Google ads, monitor and report its performance
plus 7 days
*includes the price of the gig