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You have poured your heart and soul into your book, so how do you tell the whole world about it in just 200 words? You could talk about your book for days, so how do you write a blurb that's short and to the point, and yet intriguing, giving your future readers just enough to make them eager to find out more?


I can help you with that!


I can't promise you that even a cat would want to read a book with my blurb on it, and then daydream about it, but I can offer you an intriguing, compelling blurb/description of about 200 words that will make your future readers curious, and very likely to click on "Look inside". I've already done it for a few publishing houses, and more than a few indie authors, and I can do it for you, too!


What do I need?


Just send me the synopsis, and/or the table of contents, along with the bullet points covering what you'd like me to emphasize.


What will you get?


A book blurb/description of about 200 words (probably a bit more if your book is non-fiction) in 5 days or less. Plus, I'll explain why I wrote it that way, and what I'm trying to accomplish with it!


Please, no porn, erotica, obscenity, anything illegal/dodgy, or anything spreading hate or discrimination.

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