I will translate manually 300 english words to chinese for £5

  • translate manually 300 english words to chinese
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We are operating an online marketing agency in China. We have been using Chinese and English for more than 30 years. Here we provide Chinese-English and English-Chinese Translation service. 

All translations will be done manually and professionally. We do not use Google Translator or any other translation tool.

For £5, we will translate 300 English words to Chinese. Please place multiple orders if you want to translate more than 300 words.


  • Please attach the file (doc, pdf, xls etc.) or type the texts in the message box.
  • For website translation, please export the texts on the website to Excel/Words file.
  • All documents and personal information will be kept confidential!
  • We don't accept tertiary academic/overly technical documents and we reserve the right to reject objectionable content.

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